Sustainable personnel policy

Platform Education, Business and Government

We actively participate in consultations between education, business and government. This platform aims to establish, to expand and to strengthen a sustainable and strong network between education, business and government which contributes to a strong local economy. The focus is to enlarge the number of training companies, create a better connection to the guidance of internships, fill vacancies and create practical simulated courses with a social interest. 

Pilot “knowledge power”

Aging and the use of flexible workers is increasing in the bulb industry, as well as in our company. How do we ensure  that the valuable knowledge within our industry and  company is secured? Knowledge is power!
Our company is very actively involved in this project. It is very important that our employees will be healthy, happy and motivated working until their retirement. All our employees attend the following workshops:

Sustainable employability workshop

The sustainable employability workshop is the starting point  for the development of sustainable employability throughout the entire company. Based on insights from the workshop we have made a plan of action for the entire CSW group. Next to an analysis of the actual situation, a proposal of measures was made, which was suitable for the company and employees. What were the follow up activities? The employees participated in a motivation session, vitality scan, individual coaching and other appropriate activities.

Motivation session

The motivation session is an interactive workshop for employees in our industry. Over the course of two hours the employees are searching for their motivation to work and live healthily, feel educated, vital and happy. Every participant gains insight into his or her personal motivation and learns how to influence this themselves. Awareness is the basis for behavioural change. 

Vitality scan

The scan gives employees helpful insight into their current vitality and their vitality over five years from now. Furthermore the employees receive advice and recommendations on how to improve their health and vitality.

Individual coaching

We recognise mental health is as important as physical health and provide our employees with access to individual coaching.

Seniors arrangement

Social partners of the industry have started to support older employees with the ‘seniors arrangement’. With this arrangement an older employee can work 20% less while maintaining 90% of his salary. Welcoming older employees creates the opportunity for knowledge to be passed on to the next generation. gebruikt cookies om de website te verbeteren en te analyseren, voor social media en om ervoor te zorgen dat je relevante advertenties te zien krijgt. Als je meer wilt weten over deze cookies, klik dan hier voor ons cookie beleid. Bij akkoord geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies op onze website.
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