Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Everything we do is about sustainability at Tuberbulb Export BV.

Tuberbulb Export BV, a member of the CSW Group, takes sustainable business very seriously. Several important aspects are highlighted below:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important to us. Corporate Social Responsibility means that we are familiar with our contribution to social problems like air pollution, climate change, working conditions, aging and we take our responsibilities seriously.
We therefore take into account all the social effects caused by our activities. This applies to all the company processes, like buying, selling, production, logistics and HRM policy.


Early on, we started to introduce separated waste streams. As a company active in the flower bulb business there is agricultural waste, paper waste, plastic waste and remaining flammable waste.

Use of chemicals pesticides

We have managed to reduce the use of chemical pesticides to a minimum. Yearly we clean all areas of the warehouse by hand. Because of this, infection by insects, lice and mites is reduced so much that we do not need to use any chemical pesticides.

Foundation Sustainable supplier of Horticultural Quality Products

The companies of the CSW group are all members of the foundation. With this membership we contribute to a future proof sector in which high quality flower bulbs and perennials are produced and traded with respect for individuals, society and the environment. For further detailed information:

Energy versus CO2 reduction

In 2018  and 2021 we invested heavily in solar energy by installing 2400 pieces of glass/glass panels by Solarwatt. The output of this corresponds with our annual consumption. By investing in solar energy, we make an important contribution towards being CO2 neutral. We also changed a big part of our  TL-light to LED lightning. Our company is certified with Energy label A. In 2021 we will add a further 800 more solar panels and following this investment we will become completely self-sufficient!



Sustainable personnel policy

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