All about the history of Tuberbulb Export BV

Our company was established in 1990. The former Royal van Tubergen decided to end her activities in exporting flower bulbs to companies and to concentrate on selling to consumers only. The export activities were taken over by Jan Boot (at that time owner of CS Weijers & Zonen BV) and  he formed a new company called Tuberbulb Export BV. The name Tuberbulb is related to the former company Van Tubergen and the combination of Tuber and Bulb which describes exactly what we were selling!



Originally the emphasis was on exporting flower bulbs to the Far East. At the end of the nineties, the USA became an important sales market and the first perennials were traded. In 2010 the sales and export activities for flower bulbs were taken over from former Walter Blom BV. Because of this the market position, especially for Japan, was reinforced and the market share grew significantly.
The company developed steadily onward, after which Canada, China, South-Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile became important sales markets.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte

visited Tuberbulb Export BV

Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited our company and CS Weijers Bloembollen in November 2013. Mr John Boot met with him previously in China during a trade mission with the Dutch Government. On this occasion Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited the Bollenstreek and wanted to learn more about the companies active in the export of flower bulbs.  The Prime Minister was impressed with our company and activities.

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