Worldwide export of flower bulbs and perennials.

Characterised by quality, expertise and service for more than 30 years!

Tuberbulb Export BV is part of the CSW group. C.S. Weijers Bloembollen, CSW Landscaping BV and QFB Gardening BV are also part of this group. Within the group the following market segments are respectively operated; worldwide export of flower bulbs and perennials, especially to Asia, USA and Canada plus european wholesale of flower bulbs. In addition, we also provide the delivery and planting of flower bulbs and perennials to gardeners, public and privately managed green spaces plus parks and direct sales to consumers. ( click for further information per segment )


At Tuberbulb Export BV we have been exporting flower bulbs and perennials for more than 30 years, so we are the most capable and experienced supplier to fulfil your flower bulb and perennial needs. Our extensive range of flower bulbs and perennials includes 150 different groups and more than 3000 different varieties!  The team at Tuberbulb Export BV are experts at exporting flower bulbs and perennials, able to assist with Phytosanitary certificates, Cites-permits and export documents.

Family business

Our company is a long established family business, committed to delivering the highest quality flower bulbs and perennials through efficiency and excellent customer service. We invest continuously in our people and resources and we are dedicated to excelling in quality standards. 
Supporting and participating in regional platforms and several branch organisations is important to us and we sponsor several local initiatives.

Employees, now and in the future

Our company is actively participating in “Green Unplugged” an initiative of the horticultural educational centre. High school students are visiting companies in the floriculture. We are also involved with a project for sustainable employability of employees by Colland.


Tuberbulb export


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