Our company always strives to operate more sustainably. We are therefore affiliated with the Foundation of Sustainable Suppliers of Horticultural Quality Products.

The foundation is aiming for 100% certification of flower bulbs and perennials by 2024!

To accomplish this, its participants are contributing to a flower bulb and perennial sector that will meet tomorrow’s demands for high-quality products produced and marketed with respect for individuals, society as a whole and the environment. The foundation was initiated by the business community itself.

Companies trading in flower bulbs and perennials felt the need to join forces with regard to issues relating to sustainability and quality. For this reason, a manifest in which the signatories stated their objectives regarding sustainability and quality was signed in September 2017 by a large majority of the sector that supplies retail businesses.

Priorities established by the manifesto:

The flower bulbs and perennials to be purchased by the participating companies will have been sustainably produced and processed.

The quality of the products to be purchased and marketed (including authenticity of variety and flowering capacity) will be guaranteed by an agreement on guidelines concerning monitoring and transparency.

The sustainability and quality of the signatories’ operations will receive their ongoing attention.

The participants are jointly responsible for more than eighty percent of the flower bulbs sold on the global consumer market. The foundation is being facilitated by Anthos.

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